About Us

Welcome to “Epic Adventures Blog”, we are an exciting and adventurous outdoor provider. We specialize in Mountain Biking and Rock Climbing to a highest standard. We provide individuals or groups with an Epic experience whether you after a taster session or trying to improve your skills. We are motivated by providing you with experience and knowledge in the best learning environment- The Great Outdoors.

Our main interest is to tailor the activities around you and your needs. Whether it’s a 1:1 development session, group fun, birthday taster activities or skill development we can provide it.

Epic Adventures is what it is, we want you to have an Epic Adventure with us. The idyllic outdoors that Wales has to offer is our playground and we’re all about using it safely, as a learning tool and making the most of it.​

​​​​​The aim of the company is to give people the opportunity to learn using the core values learnt though the field of Outdoor Education, with the aim of helping people to become self-sufficient and safe in the outdoors.​​​​​​​​



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